Application for Expanded Outdoor Space

The following application process exists to allow businesses located in unincorporated Adams County restaurants/boutique retail/etc to temporarily engage in commerce outside of their normal footprint in order to promote social distancing and public health measures related to COVID-19. The following requirements must be adhered to by businesses wishing to temporarily operate an expanded outdoor footprint. Full regulatory guidelines can be found here.

Email the following application materials to [email protected]. Please specify “Application: (Your Business Name)” as the subject line.

  • A requested footprint site plan showing your establishment and where you intend to temporarily expand your service area that contains the following information. Site plan must include business name, address, and contact information.
    • Ensure expanded area does not impede pedestrian, vehicular, or ADA access and, if expanding into parking areas, does not take over 50% of your required parking spaces.
    • Site plan can be as simple as an overhead from Google Maps with outlines of expansion plans.
    • Description as to how you will be separating commerce area from parking lot and common areas (caution tape, cones, etc.).
  • Proof of landlord approval for expansion into parking spaces and common areas.
    • Can be in the form of an email, letter, or written in your site plan.
    • If you own the property, no letter of approval is required. Please mark on your site plan that you own the parking lot.
  • If you intend to serve alcohol in your expanded commerce area, Coordinate with Adams County Licensing Administrator Brandan Slattery to file for a temporary Liquor Modification of Premise form. Fill in the first page and section 9 later in the form and sign the oath on the last page. The form can be found here.
  • Tri County Health Standards: If a restaurant is solely expanding seating and/or host station to a parking lot or other space, it does NOT need to go through a TCHD Retail Food Establishment Plan Review. If a restaurant plans on expanding operations beyond seating/host station, including moving equipment or service areas such as a drink station, water station, ice storage, etc., a retail food plan review may be required. Those businesses should contact the TCHD Plan Review Team at 303.846.6230 or [email protected] for further guidance.

Economic Development Staff from Adams County will review application materials and will notify businesses of their approval as quickly as possible. Please direct all additional questions on the program to [email protected].